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Your dentist wants to work with you to preserve your natural teeth, but in some cases the removal of a tooth is necessary. If a tooth is severely damaged from decay beyond the point where it can be saved, the tooth may be removed to prevent infection and relieve pain. Teeth that are already infected may be extracted. Another common reason is a crowded mouth, as often happens with wisdom teeth.

A tooth extraction is a straightforward and simple procedure, and recovery is usually uncomplicated. The area around the tooth that will be extracted is numbed. If more than one tooth needs to be pulled, or if the tooth is very impacted, you may be put under a general anesthetic instead. Most of the time, Dr. Cutter can remove a tooth by applying pressure with forceps. The empty socket will form a clot, and she will pack it with gauze and ask you to bite down to hold it in place until the bleeding stops.

You will be given instructions on aftercare. Recovery will last a few days. The gums will heal over in 8-12 weeks. At that point, depending on the location of the extraction, you may be fitted for an appliance to replace the missing tooth.

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